Electric contact pressure gauge works and how to test electric contact pressure gauge

1. electric contact pressure gauge is a pressure gauge control circuit switch actually is just ordinary pressure gauge on a contact signal device, so the pressure part of the verification and calibration of pressure gauges and the same, only after some standards, still need to increase test contact signal device. &Nbsp;   

2. the steps of electric contact pressure gauge, pressure gauge installed on the calibrator, respectively, the two signal contact with just a needle pointer to upper and lower than then benefit check. Indication standards, will be upper and lower limits of pointer to the signal contacts set calibration points in three or more different, slowly increase or decrease pressure to the instantaneous signal so far. Standard pressure gauge readings with the signals deviation between the pointer value, shall not exceed the allowed error absolute value.
3. electric contact signals too early or too late, is the contact location or contact the metal rod is loose, contact location is not correct, contact correction vertically up to the appropriate signal. Contact metal bars loose, should seek solid-solid, relatively minor with appropriate zoom in spring to increase spring force torch, there are effects.
4. electrical contact device without signal, causes: too dirty contact poor contact, signaling device insulation gets wet, circuit does not work. contact is too dirty, use sandpaper to remove dirt. insulation damp, hot air dryer. Circuit does not work, should find the circuit breaker be repaired. In the production process, often called for pressure control in a range, that is when the pressure is higher or lower than the given scope. it would undermine conditions or accidents will happen. Electric contact all SST gauge, pressure can easily exceed the scope provisions, send a goodwill signal to remind operators or by intermediate relay realize automatic control. &Nbsp; 
structure and work principle sketch map of electric contact pressure gauge. Mobile contact point on the gauge, two additional adjustable pointer on the dial, there is contact. Maximum pressure given value, given by the maximum static contacts to determine the position of the pointer, when pressures exceed the upper limit for a given value, the moving contact and the contact, circuit and the red light glowed. Pressure lower limit value by lower fixed contact position on a given pointer, when the pressure is below the minimum limit provided when ju, contacts and the contact, making green Circuit issued a green signal, static contact point can be adjusted flexibly according to need.


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