Stainless steel pressure gauge installation Note

1. Stainless steel pressure gauge using the ambient temperature is-40~70℃, relative humidity is not more than 80%, such as deviations from normal working temperature: 20 5 ℃, to be included in the additional temperature error.

2. Stainless steel pressure gauge must be mounted vertically, and strive with determination to keep the same level, such as the difference between the additional errors caused by liquid columns high into the measured gases need not take into account. Explosion-proof casing when installing the rear port blocking, so as not to affect the explosion-proof performance.
3. Stainless steel vibration-proof pressure gauges are used for measuring ranges: under static pressure does not exceed the upper limit of measurement 3/4, measuring ceiling fluctuations should not exceed 2/3. In either case pressure gauge pressure measuring 1/3 minimum should not be below the minimum limit, when measuring vacuum vacuum parts all use.
4. Using pointer when met instrument failure or internal parts loose and not working properly when maintenance should be carried out, or contact the manufacturer for repair.
5. Stainless steel pressure gauge to avoid vibration and impact, to avoid damage.
6. When ordering, please indicate: stainless steel pressure gauge type and description; the measurement range of the instrument; the instrument accuracy deviation from the packaging requirements and other.
7. Stainless steel vibration-proof pressure gauge is not available for the outside oxygen, chlorine, nitric acid strong oxidizing agents such as hydrogen chloride and environment.


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