Working principle of magnetic helpful contact pressure guages

magnetic helpful contact pressure gauges with electric contacts signal on PIN, fitted with adjustable permanent magnet, you can increase the contact force, speed up the contact action, so as to enable reliable contact, eliminating electric arc, can effectively avoid the instrument working environment and vibration or pressure pulsation caused frequent shutdown of the contacts. This instrument is reliable, long service life, contact switch power and other advantages.

magnetic helpful contact pressure guages gauge when the measured pressure acting on the spring tube, the ends of elastic deformation and displacement of the corresponding, by driving institutions after enlargement, indicated by the indicator on the dial. Also pointer-driven activities of electric contact device contacts with contacts on the setting pointer (upper or lower) contact the instantaneous, resulting in connected or disconnected from the circuit of the control system in order to achieve the purpose of automatic control and sent a letter warning.
are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, machinery industry and electro-mechanical equipment for measuring fluid pressure without explosion hazard.


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