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Shandong Ming Hyatt pressure table limited is Shandong province first design development pressure table, and electric contact pressure table, and diaphragm pressure table, and resistance earthquake pressure table, and pressure table joint, and stainless steel pressure table, and vacuum pressure table, and number explicit pressure table, and precision pressure table, and digital pressure table, and full stainless steel pressure table of manufacturers, now has engaged in various pressure sensor, and pressure variable sent device and the Automation control system of professional manufacturer, has domestic first-class of production equipment and detection instrument, production scale, technology and development capacity, A leading position in the domestic industry. Over more than 10 pressure gauge line, mass production of specifications on products. Pressure transmitters, pressure instruments are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, food, printing and dyeing industry, product sales throughout the country and in Southeast Asia and Europe.

since its inception the company has always adhered to "quality customer-centric" principles, always finds that customers are the quality of referees, therefore the company from aspects such as personnel, equipment, management system, pay close attention to all aspects, so as to make the company stand out in the quality of products in many brands, has won the trust of our customers.

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